AWS Cloud Consulting Services

PWDigitas is an AWS [Certified] cloud consulting company with the exceptional capabilities of delivering fast and cost-effective AWS managed services which include AWS deployment, AWS migration, AWS automation, AWS monitoring, AWS cost management & maintenance of your AWS cloud environment.

Leverage Our AWS Cloud Expertise

Implementing and scaling AWS cloud solutions globally while integrating with your traditional IT infrastructure. PwDigitas can help you rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your IT infrastructure.

With our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Services. We help you accelerate your journey to the Cloud, where our AWS cloud experts, answer your queries to help you to manage your cloud infrastructure for the large enterprise — from creating the business case to measuring success and addressing the skills gap.


Planning in-depth AWS Cloud strategies that fits your business


Move your Enterprise workloads to AWS cloud with us


Monitoring & Maintenance ensuring smooth functionality

Drupal development company
AWS Consulting

Decoupled Drupal Implementation for a Bahrain based Travel Company

This Tourism Portal is the best platform for all travel agencies that provide offers and packages in one place where the traveler could navigate amongst all kinds of packages without getting interrupted by any other subject/posts on other social media platforms. Also, the user could filter amongst the packages in the app by almost anything such as destination, price, dates …etc.

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Our AWS Cloud Services

AWS Architecture

We help you build your virtual private cloud and architecture that scales like a pro. Our certified team plans out the AWS for your business so you focus on digital presence with features and functionality and keep rest on us.



Route 53 (DNS resolution)

Storage (Block storage, Object storage, File storage)

Auto scaling


Load balancing

Database (Relational Database, Non-relational database)

AWS Migration

Whether your application is running on VPS or on-premise we help you migrate on AWS cloud.  We workout the cost-optimized and highly available infrastructure on AWS, removing all hurdles you faced in VPS and on-premise servers. The common problem customers face is the non-scalability of VPS/on-premise infrastructure and AWS is the pain relief.

On-Premise to Cloud (Database/Server)

S3 Bucket

Automation & AWS DevOps

Developers struggle thinking about infrastructure and deployment cycles and more often run into a problem of inconsistent releases. We help you out our DevOps implementation that is focused on Elastic Container Service, Elastic Beanstalk and Code Commit so your project can have a seamless release cycle that passes through Staging, QA, and production environments.

Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Code Star

AWS Code Pipeline

Elastic Container Service

AWS Code Commit

Server-less Computing

Leverage the modern cloud technology with AWS lambda which are serverless functions that give you more control over cost and architecture to implement microservices. PWDigitas will help you carve the lambda functions that scales to any amount of concurrency with cost optimization.

AWS Lambda

API Gateway

Disaster Recovery

Resilient architecture is what makes your app highly available and fault tolerant so in case of disaster we help your environment get up and running in a matter of minutes.

Multi AZ

Snapshots Management

DNS failover and routing


Support & Maintenance

Our AWS support and maintenance service is compressed of regular monitory, auto-scaling based on scheduled time or season traffic, managing multiple sites and application, cost controlling and regular security control.

Continuous Monitoring (Cloud-watch, Cloud-trail)

Cost Optimisation 

AWS Auto-scaling

AWS Cloud Solutions We Provide

Cloud Strategy

Creating customer experience frameworks that transform your digital enterprise and produce a return on investment.


Specializing in integrating multi-platform systems saving you valuable time in integration design and development.

Platform Selection

Helping you select the optimal customer experience, commerce, and marketing platform for your enterprise.


Deploying world-class scalable and agile enterprise digital platforms that wow your customers.

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