What is Customer Experience Management and How to Implement it to Stay Competitive?




10 Aug 2020

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Customer experience management is more than just serving your customers online. This is more than where consumers buy and what brand of dog food they buy. Your customers need to be fully aware that you can create and deliver personalized experiences that will keep them loyal to you and inspire others about you – and this is the most valuable form of advertising.

Gaining this depth of knowledge about customers is not something that happens. According to HBR, customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offerings, including the quality of customer care, the advertising, the packaging, the product and service features, ease of use, and reliability.

What is Customer Experience?

The customer experience refers to the buyer’s journey right after visiting your website to buying your products and services. Delivering good CX is essential, and there are many ways to create the best customer experience to enhance your brand’s value.

The two primary touchpoints for creating a customer experience are people and products. Are you blown away by the performance of the product? Are you happy that a customer support representative helps you solve your problem? These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

Importance of Customer Experience Management

The concept of customer experience may be idealistic. The customer experience has become a significant differentiator in today’s hyper-competitive, hyper-connected global market. There is tangible business value to effectively managing the customer experience.

Proper customer experience management can:

  • Strengthen brand selection through specialized skills.
  • Increasing sales and the revenue of existing customers with new deals.
  • Improving customer loyalty (and advocacy) through valuable and memorable customer interaction.
  • Reduced costs by reducing customer churn rate.

How to implement Customer Experience Management?

Customer experience management can happen with an excellent customer experience strategy, which varies from company to company and depends mostly on its nature or services. However, the following factors can be managed that in turn lead to a positive outcome of the customer experience:

Training and education

Customer service and sales teams are the first points of contact for customers. Both sides should be trained, emphasizing the importance of providing a better customer experience. Since they are the company’s face for the customers, a standard protocol must be prepared for the customers to maintain the customer experience standards. Not only does it stop training, but those employees also oversee the same app for customers.


Customer experience teams should be trained to welcome each customer individually with a welcome gesture. Every interaction with the customer must be individual to bring a unique experience to the customer experience.

Whether it’s just sales or standard texts as a customer representative, a reasonable approach will never be the best in the customer experience. Instead of being a solution provider, if necessary, give instructions to close the sale, some things can be followed. Proper customer touchpoints are essential to this understanding.

For example, it would not be appropriate to promote a new product to a customer complaint about an existing product. The right approach would be to promote a product when a customer is walking in front of the store.

Understand the customer

The importance of knowing the customer profile cannot be overemphasized. The company should know everything about its customers when it comes to its purchase. Payment generation is essential in terms of choice of purchased medium, time, opportunity, taste, age distribution, and the right position and product to help target the product for the right set of customers.

Personalization can only be useful if you know your customer. There are many ways to get data like market research, sales team, competitor data, etc. The inclusion of social media has made it easier to access such data.

For example, Facebook pages provide customer insights with detailed reports on customer age distribution, geography, gender, number of clicks, number of likes, dislikes, and the maximum number of users online. This gives a detailed understanding of understanding.

Effective sales teams

Part of the customer experience is working with the customer service and sales team. It is imperative that the pitching of the sale should be more real than unreal. For this process, it is crucial to monitor the part of the company.

The wrong message from the sales team can geometrically raise customer expectations. If it is not achieved, it leads to bad customer experience, and therefore it is vital to monitor the sales team. The next unit in this process is the customer service team. Effective and fast customer service can save business and ensure customer loyalty.

Industries such as the aviation sector, the hotel industry, and hospitals rely solely on providing a tremendous excellent customer experience. A dissatisfied customer can spread negative words, and a company can lose ten potential based on customer service. Therefore, it is imperative to oversee sales, and customer service teams to manage customer experiences.

Better product or service

This excellent customer experience is one of the primary management requirements – ensuring unique and excellence in the market product or service. Customers take advantage of a service or buy a product based on their needs. If the demand is not met correctly, there is a possibility that the customer experience will be negative. An excellent product can always make customers loyal to the brand, and it is also an essential step in providing an exceptional customer experience.

For example, the iPad is undoubtedly the market leader in the tablet market. If a customer buys another tablet based on economic value, he will not be satisfied. He will return to buy an iPad later because despite being expensive, Apple Play guarantees that the standards are the best in the market. Once the customer is satisfied with the product, price and other factors will not hinder Have.

Similarly, Starbucks focuses a lot on employee training. Training and development focus on developing not only better employees but better people. People don’t pay for expensive coffee. Instead, they pay for the experience. It is crucial to ensure that the product or service is of high quality to improve the customer experience.

Ethics and transparency

Effective customer experience management ultimately comes down to its work culture, business ethics, and customer transparency and trust in the company. If the staff’s condition is not useful or where there is no transparency in operations, then no customer will contact the company. To develop trust, transparency is essential.

For example, people do not trust a burger joint with a cheap meat burger, but buying meat is ambiguous. If the company is unwilling to disclose the process of buying meat to customers, there will be no trust, and customers will move on to another small one-dish joint, even if it is not well known, but the procedure is clear.


The main reason McDonald’s proliferated worldwide was the standardization of its outlets. One can go to any McDonald’s in the world and get the same feeling everywhere. The differences include only a reference to menu options that are customized according to different geographies. This standardization enhances customer experience and is very important to manage. Following in his footsteps, KFC, Burger King, Subway, etc. joined the league.

Stay Competitive

The era of quality- or value-based competitive advantage is over. The current business eco-space is a complete and entirely consumer market. It is common for customers to change providers after a small CX flop.

Besides, expectations of better customer experience are rising despite declining profits and tight marketing budgets. Therefore, it is important for today’s organizations to design, implement, and deliver a robust CX management process to compete and survive in the game.

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